Dr. Arnold Freedman, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist – Pittsburgh – Wilkinsburg, PA

Psychological Services

psychotheraspy services pittgsburgh wilkinsburg pennsylvasniaI offer psychotherapy and hypnosis services to individuals, couples and families across the life span, except for children below five or six years of age. I treat a range of problems including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and various phobias. In Pittsburgh we have many people afraid of bridges and tunnels as well as heights, which we have a lot of here. I have also treated insect, snake and spider phobias as well as phobias about injections or needle phobias. Many of my patients have a fear of public speaking. Some are afraid of driving cars… Many fear flying in airplanes. In principal, I am willing to treat any fear a person has for which they are seeking help.

In the area of mood disorders I treat many people with Major Depression as well as less severe forms of depression. I treat patients with Bipolar Disorder who are being regulated on necessary psychotropic medications. by a physician

I have worked extensively with psychosomatic illnesses such as migraine, asthma, IBS, etc and any medical problem where a clear physical, structural basis can not be readily established but the patient still suffers physically and mentally. I also have worked with many patients with physical illnesses of all types including cancer, multiple sclerosis, cardiac and lung disease, arthritis, etc. Pain and stress accompany these problems and the approaches I use can help lessen their adverse effects. I particularly enjoy preparing people psychologically for surgery. I have been doing this for almost 40 years for all types of surgery, no matter how severe or extensive. Almost invariably, my hypnotic treatment has been perceived as beneficial by my patients, no matter how anxious they are initially.

Many people approach me for help in studying or test taking. With patience and persistence I have helped patients pass various tests and licensing, and bar exams after they had failed, even repeatedly in passing those tests.

I work with couples, using Dr. Bernard Guerney’s Relationship Enhancement program and manual. This work requires particular dedication and practice in order to develop and utilize the skills necessary to create the necessary “win-win” relationships.

Even if you feel your problems don’t rise to the level to what you consider a definite diagnosis, but you are unhappy and not functioning as well as you like, hypnosis and psychotherapy can help you, as I apply it, to feel better and function more effectively.