Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT

Dr. Arnold Freedman, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist – Pittsburgh – Wilkinsburg, PA

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

cognitive behaviorsl therapy cbt wilkinsburg pittsburghEarly in my career I studied and used behavioral approaches to psychotherapy since a lot of my graduate training involved learning theory. As the years passed, cognitions, or how people think and appraise their world began to be seen as increasingly important in understanding psychological and mental problems. The blending of behavior and cognitions lead to cognitive behavioral therapy, that aims to influence dysfunctional emotions, behavior and cognitions through a goal-oriented , systematic procedure.

I must always come to understand my patients’ cognitions, because that determines how they are likely to behave, for better or worse. To the uninitiated, cognitive behavior therapy would seem simple and straightforward which is one reason it is so popular among many parishioners. However to do it correctly requires considerable experience and skill. I believe I have acquired that skill through my years of experience and also because I utilize hypnotic techniques to help deal with cognitions as well as the necessary behavior that must be implemented

Early in my career, I joined the then American Association of Behavior Therapy. Consistent with the above description of the changing field, the name of that organization, to which I still belong, was changed to The Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.