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Dr. Arnold Freedman, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist – Pittsburgh – Wilkinsburg, PA

About Dr. Freedman

Arnold Freedman Ph.D. psychotherapist psychologist hypnotherapist Wilkinsburg PA PittsburghI am a Ph.D. level clinical psychologist, licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. I received my Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. I served VA internships at the Psychiatric Hospital in Danville, Illinois. and at the General Medical and Surgical Hospital in Chicago. Based on the latter internship, where I was exposed to medical and surgical patients as well as psychiatric, I chose to take a job at the VA Hospital on University Drive in Oakland, a General Medical and Surgical hospital with a small Psychiatric ward, when I received my Ph.D. in 1957.

I started as a staff psychologist doing the full range of psychological assessment and treatment. In 1966, I was appointed Chief of the Psychology Service with additional administrative duties that position entailed. I continued in that position until my retirement from the VA in 1993.

My original clinical training was analytic, client centered and behavioral. Although I thought I was able to be of help to my VA patients with the therapeutic tools I had, I felt that I needed something more. I was fortunate enough to meet a gifted hypnotherapist, Kay F. Thompson, DDS, on the faculty in the Dental School at the University of Pittsburgh. She was a student of Milton H, Erickson, MD who most practitioners consider as the leading hypnotherapist of the 20th century.

I took Dr, Thompson’s course in January 1970, and began applying what I learned from her with my VA patients. I also started my part time private practice, in June 1970. In 1972 I began assisting Dr. Thompson in teaching her course, and continued to work with her, teaching in local and regional hypnosis workshops for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. We also started an annual hypnosis course at West Virginia University which will be presented for the 26th year this October in Morgantown., WV

I incorporated hypnotherapeutic techniques I learned working with Dr. Thompson, with Cognitive Behavioral ones that were evolving during that period, to a whole range of presenting problems.

After I retired from the VA in 1993, I decided to continue and expanded my private practice. I have been fortunate to have good health, for the most part, and enjoy being able to bring my many years of experience to bear on the problems that patients present to me.