Arnold Freedman, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist PS000755-L
Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Pittsburgh - Wilkinsburg, PA

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Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state that people go in and out of, akin to imaginative states we have all experienced. Along with Cognitive Behavior Therapy it is my main treatment approach.

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to influence dysfunctional emotions, behavior and cognitions through a goal-oriented , systematic approach.

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Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

With commitment and work a couple can turn conflict and pulling apart to “win-win” experiences which is gratifying to all concerned...

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In the area of mood disorders I treat many people with Major Depression as well as less severe forms of depression.

Experienced Professional Help: Benefit from my experience of more than 50 years as a psychologist including 37 years in a VA General Medical and Surgical Hospital, 28 as Psychology Service chief. Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Hypnotherapy for Adults, Couples, Children & Teens